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Harrison Institute, Centre for Biodiversity Research

A prepared bat specimen from Asia.


There is an extensive collection of fossil mammals dating back some 55 million years before present.

Recent mammal collection of the Harrison Institute

The Institute holds specialist, comprehensive collections of international importance. They include:

  • Arabian mammals (insectivores, bats, carnivores, herbivores, hyraxes, rodents and hares)

  • African bats and to a lesser extent other small African mammals

  • Southern and Southeast Asian bats

In addition, significant small mammal collections are also held from the UK and Europe and North, Central and South America and to a lesser extent from elsewhere in the world.

Fossil mammal collection

The fossil mammal collection is growing rapidly and contains holdings of national and international importance. These include Quaternary faunas from the UK and Poland and Tertiary faunas from the UK [more information].