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Harrison Institute, Centre for Biodiversity Research

Titania’s woolly bat (Kerivoula titania) was described in 2007.
Harrison Institute naming new taxa of mammals

To date, Institute staff, together with colleagues at home and abroad, have named 35 new taxa.

These include the description of nineteen new species of Recent mammal, 13 since 2004. The taxa originated from Cambodia (x2), Comoro Islands, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel, Lao PDR, Madagascar, Myanmar (x2), Oman, Sulawesi, Thailand (x3), Tunisia, and Vietnam (x3) [more information]

They have described three new genera and ten new subspecies of Recent mammal as well as nine additional taxa that are now not currently recognised. [more information]

In palaeontology, two new genera and three new species of fossil mammal have been described. [more information]