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Harrison Institute, Centre for Biodiversity Research

David Harrison and team members on Creechbarrow Hill, Dorset.
A review of the Late Middle Eocene mammal fauna from Creechbarrow in Dorset

Host country: UK

Project objective: To research and collect representative material of mammals of the Late Middle Eocene (41 million years before present) of Creechbarrow, near Creech in Dorset. Highlights to date include the description of two new genera of mammals. A review of the fauna is currently being prepared by David Harrison and colleagues.

Harrison Institute contact: Dr David Harrison – hzm@btinternet.com
Principal Funder: Harrison Institute
Project dates: July, 1997-

Publications from the project:

Harrison, D. L. 2002. A new species of Dormouse (Rodentia: Gliridae) from the Creechbarrow Limestone Formation (late Middle Eocene) of Dorset, England. Tertiary Research 21 (1-4): 11-18.

Harrison, D. L. 2006. A new genus and species of ‘paramyid’ rodent (Rodentia: Ischyromyidae) from the Creechbarrow Limestone Formation (late Middle Eocene) of Dorset, England. Cainozoic Research, 4 (1-2): 51–60.

Harrison, D. L. 2009. A new genus of paroxyclaenid (Mammalia: Condylarthra: Paroxyclaenidae: Paravulpavoides) from the Upper Middle Eocene of Creechbarrow, Dorset, S. England. Cainozoic Research. 6(1-2): 25-35.

Harrison, D. L. and J. J. Hooker. 2010. Late Middle Eocene bats from the Creechbarrow Limestone Formation, Dorset, southern England with description of a new species of Archaeonycteris (Chiroptera: Archaeonycteridae). Acta Chiropterologica, 12(1): 1-18.

Harrison, D. L., P. J. J. Bates, M. Pearch, C. Michaels, and D. L. Ward. (in prep). New additions to the Late Middle Eocene mammal fauna of Creechbarrow, Dorset, southern England.