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Harrison Institute, Centre for Biodiversity Research

David Harrison with bones and horn cores of Pleistocene bison (Bison priscus) from near Ashford, Kent.

Fossil mammals

Over the years the Harrison Institute has conducted a number of projects on the fossil mammal faunas of the UK and continental Europe. Four are outlined below.  In addition, fossil material was collected from a number of other sites in the UK and these specimens are held in the collections of the Institute. These sites included Westbury-sub-Mendip (Middle Pleistocene – 250,000 years before present); Cudmore Grove (Hoxnian, Middle Pleistocene – 220,000 years b. p.); Shropham (Ipswichian - 120,000 years b. p.); and Itteringham (Ipswichian – 120,000 years b. p.).

1: A study of the mammal fauna of a late Pleistocene (Devensian) site in Kent, UK

2: A review of the small mammal faunas from a variety Middle and Early Pleistocene sites of north Norfolk

3: A collaborative study of mammals from the Early Pliocene and Late Pleistocene of Poland

4: A systematic study of the Priabonian (Late Eocene) sites of Hordle in Hampshire and Headon Hill on the Isle of Wight