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Harrison Institute, Centre for Biodiversity Research

A monograph published in 1991 by the Harrison Institute on the 150 terrestrial Arabian mammal species.

David Harrison participated in a series of field surveys throughout Arabia, as here in the mountains of Oman.

The Arabian tahr (Hemitragus jayakari) a rare endemic species restricted to Oman and UAE, whose endangered status was highlighted by the work of the Harrison Institute.

The Egyptian spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus) a common rodent throughout much of western and peninsular Arabia.

The Mammals of Arabia

Host countries: Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt (Sinai only), Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE and Bahrain.

Project objective:
to provide a comprehensive and detailed review of the mammals of Arabia.

Project outputs
  • A comprehensive review of the 150 species of terrestrial wild mammals recorded from the region with detailed information on:
    • Synonymies
    • External, cranial, and dental, characters
    • Taxonomic variation
    • Distribution within Arabia
    • Habits, including reproduction and diet

  • Many surveys throughout Arabia, particularly in Oman, UAE, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Yemen

  • Promoting the conservation and protection of the endemic Arabian Tahr (Hemitragus jayakari)

  • Developing the world’s most comprehensive collection of Arabian mammal voucher specimens based at the Harrison Institute

Harrison Institute contact: Dr David Harrison hzm@btinternet.com and/or Dr Paul Bates – harrisoninstitute@btinternet.com

Principal Funder: Harrison Institute Trust

Dates: August 1953 – on-going

Publications from the project

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