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Harrison Institute, Centre for Biodiversity Research

Omar Nurhussein measuring a bat voucher specimen during the 1997 Harrison Institute/University of Addis Ababa expedition in Ethiopia.

Malcolm Pearch setting a bat net in south-western Ethiopia.

The trident bat, Triaenops persicus, a spectacular bat species found in East Africa.

Three species of African striped mice belonging to the genus Lemniscomys.

Field work in Malawi.

Bat netting in Malawi.

Small mammal specimens from Malawi pinned out in a portable drying tray.

African mammals

Host countries:
Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi

Project objective: To increase knowledge of the mammal faunas of a diverse number of habitats in eastern Africa.  Small mammal and bat surveys were conducted in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi. These complemented the substantive small mammal (and especially bats) collections already held by the Institute.  Reference material is held from many countries in Africa and in particular from the following:
  • Algeria (donation from Kazimierz Kowalski and Barbara Rzebik-Kowalska)
  • Botswana (from Ray Smithers)
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (from Michael Gallagher and Bob Dowsett)
  • Gambia (from Ian Brownlow)
  • Kenya (from John Williams)
  • Malawi (from R. H. Oram)
  • Madagascar
  • Morocco (previously collected by Harrison Institute).
  • Nigeria (from Mrs P. Swire)
  • South Africa (from Philip Clancey)
  • Sudan (from John Williams)
  • Tanzania (from C. J. P. Ionides, D. Vesey-Fitzgerald, and A. F. Reese)
  • Tunisia (previously collected by Harrison Institute)
  • Zambia (from Frank Ansell)
  • Zimbabwe (from Reay Smithers)

Harrison Institute contact:
Dr Paul Bates – harrisoninstitute@btinternet.com

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