‘eighty years of promoting biodiversity conservation through taxonomic research, scientific training and international networks’

Harrison Institute, Centre for Biodiversity Research

Professor Daw Tin Nwe introduces the First International Bat Workshop held in Myanmar.

Two of the successful Darwin Initiative PhD students, Dr Khin Maung Swe (left) and Dr Yin Yin Toke (right).

The Kachin woolly bat (Kerivoula kachinensis) from northern Myanmar, which was described as a new species by members of the project team.

Dr Iain Mackie training Myanmar students in bat echolocation techniques.

Biodiversity assessment of limestone karst dependent bats in Myanmar (Burma)

Host country: Myanmar

Project objective: To promote the conservation of bat biodiversity in Myanmar

Project outputs
  • Transformation of the scientific ethos of Yangon University, with a more proactive approach to research; eight PhDs in bat studies (taxonomy, ecology, conservation and behaviour) completed by Myanmar Darwin trainees

  • Myanmar students with an international, outward looking attitude to science

  • First international bat workshop held in Myanmar, hosted by Yangon University (23-27 October, 2002)

  • Ten staff and students from Yangon University attended and/or made presentations at international conferences in the UK, Poland and Vietnam

  • MoU signed between Yangon University and the Harrison Institute and Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

  • A series of collaborative scientific papers in international journals; one identification key for Myanmar bats; and three reports on surveys and workshops

  • Eight international field surveys throughout Myanmar

  • Two collections of voucher specimens enhanced – one in Yangon University and one duplicate collection in the Harrison Institute

  • Nine species added to Myanmar’s inventory of bats, including one species new to science (Kerivoula kachinensis)

  • Further funding for £250,000 from a variety of international sources (a result of the success of the Darwin project), a proportion of which has been spent on in-country training and biodiversity research

Project reports
available at: http://darwin.defra.gov.uk/project/11019/

Collaborating institutions: Universities of Yangon and Mandalay and the Harrison Institute

Harrison Institute contact: Dr Paul Bates – harrisoninstitute@btinternet.com

In-country contact:
Professor Si Si Hla Bu, previously of the Universities of Yangon and Mandalay and now Pro-Rector of Hinthada University – sshb@myanmar.com.mm

Principal Funder: Darwin Initiative, DEFRA - £120,385 (of £155,299).

Additional funders for aspects of the project included: Total E&P Myanmar, Premier Oil, Thai Air, Myanmar Airways, Kent Bat Group, The Linnean Society, and Orient Express.

Dates: April, 2002-March, 2005

Publications from the project:

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PhD theses at the University of Yangon

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