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Some Harrison Institute volunteers on a recent palaeontological field trip.









Simon Jackson worked on the databases and curating the collections.










Luke Andrews curating the entomological collection.

The Institute does not currently run a structured programme for volunteering or internships.  However, it is interested to hear from those that would like to work as a volunteer.  Many of its Trustees also take part in its activities on a regular basis.
Volunteering is especially relevant to those that wish to gain experience in the fields of zoology and/or collections management. It may also prove valuable to those who wish to create a network of contacts in mammal taxonomy and/or tropical biology.  Several current and past members of the Institute staff originally came to the Institute as volunteers.

Volunteers are usually college or university students, but they can also be secondary school students.

Adults, who for whatever reason feel that they would like to participate in some of the Institute’s activities, are also very welcome.

Internships/volunteering can be for a range of time periods – a few days to several months or even years!  All volunteer work is unpaid although reasonable travel costs may be reimbursed where appropriate.

Current/Recent volunteers

Simon Jackson

Simon volunteered for the summer of 2009.  Simon has a strong background in palaeontology and geology, with a PhD from the University of Sheffield. He is currently designing and developing digital specimen and journal databases for the Institute.  Curatorial work includes undertaking conservation work of the bird collection. He has also assisted with the input of data into the new web site with palaeontological field collections and assisting

Chris Michaels

Chris is currently an undergraduate at the Oxford University.  He started volunteering at the age of 13 whilst at St Olave’s School, Orpington.  He has participated in a range of projects including specimen curation, palaeontological field trips within the UK and one overseas field study in Thailand.

Ben Michaels

Ben is a pupil at St Olave’s School, Orpington. He started volunteering at the age of 13, using the credits towards his Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Currently he helps with the library, where he assists with the registration of books and papers.

Tim Grannum

By profession, Tim is a recruitment specialist for the computer industry. However, he also regularly assists Institute staff on their palaeontological field trips in the UK.

Luke Andrews

Luke is a pupil at Caterham School and volunteered to work at the Institute on curating the entomological collection (butterflies and moths) and the spirit collection of small mammals.